Basket full of Container grown veggies

In one of my previous post, I mentioned that I bring a brinjal or two along with me when I return from morning watering my plants. That changed today! First, I started collecting with my hands, but little did I realize that no way my hands are going to handle so much yield that awaits plucking. With a basket in hand, I started plucking…

MyGarden 697

You can see Black beauty, White brinjal ( This is why the name Eggplant).Tomato, local variety and chery and few Podland pink tomatoes sprinkled on top of white brinjal.

MyGarden 701

Just the brinjals. Look at the diversity. You know, the purple brinjal plant has purple flowers and the white one has white flowers and few of them have purple. Sometimes nature is a mystery!.

The some of white brinjal were taken for cooking and boy! was it creamy. I think we have enough brinjal for the next two weeks. đŸ˜‰

All the harvest you see here are container grown. The largest container is 20L and most of them are in 8-10L containers.

More later.


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8 Responses to Basket full of Container grown veggies

  1. Binu says:

    Very good work. Thanks for sharing. Also try some photography as well! pictures shown are all good.

    • geekgardener says:

      Thanks for stopping by Binu. And for the photography,Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely try to do some serious learning on that front. I am right now using Canon SX 10 IS.


  2. Urban Green says:

    WOW!! *Urban Green jumps in admiration and waves at GG ecstatically*
    You are a find, and am taken. You are doing such a superb job at veg-gardening. I’m following you now, and will be back to read up all your prev entries. See you around.

    • geekgardener says:

      *GG jumps with joy and waves back at UG*
      Thanks for the encouraging words and for stopping by. It is so much motivating when passionate gardeners like you visit my blog. I am blogrolling you :).


  3. kalyani says:

    hi I am from postal accounts . photographs were very beautiful. lemons are costing Rs. 5/ per piece at chennai. Try growing them also, Just a suggestion. Waiting for a reply to my early mail.Bye.

  4. Asha says:

    How wonderfully inspiring! I have a question, how often do you add compost/manure to your plants?

    Just checked in after some time and found that I have missed about four posts. Is there a way I can subscribe by email to your posts? That way I will know when you have a new post.

    • geekgardener says:

      Hello Asha,

      Thanks. I add compost every ten days.
      For the notification of new posts, you can use RSS feeds. You can add this link in your RSS reader( e.g google reader)
      or Add it as a live bookmark in Mozilla Firefox.

      BTW, I am working on another post today. You might want to check out.


  5. Shashank says:

    Hello GG

    I am too a hobby gardner from Pune and I wonder how come i did not come across your blog before. I stumbled upon it today and spent last one hr going through various postings. Lot of useful information. I am too doing many experiments using differnt growing media, nutrients and so on. By the way I seriously interacted with these Petbhabharo guys and looks like i was lucky not to visit blr to attend the course. let us be in touch.

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